What if I say Ads on your website & qualified leads for your Indian business website & it is free, both together with one strategy only. If you don’t know this article is for you.

Mostly, I talk about small businesses in India. My most audience comes from here. I know I can’t serve all businesses in India, but my articles can add value to your business if you read them carefully.

Today’s topic is how you can earn from your website & at the same time how you can freely promote your business, without hiring guys like me (Digital Marketers). After finishing this article if you work according to this guide then

  1. You will be paid for the ads on your website &
  2. Your website will generate a lot of business leads for you

I am Nnic, & SEO case research is my hobby since 2007. Today I am talking about a product directly from Google – It’s Google Adsense

Earn money with your website ads using Google AdSense – It’s a free & trustworthy google product. Small businesses should update it in business process.

No matter, if you are a manufacturer, supplier or exporter, a shopkeeper, electrition or plumber if you are reading the then this is the beneficial article for you.

The relation between placing ads on your website & business leads

At first sight, it seems almost impossible to establish a connection between ads via Google Adsense on your website & customer Or leads coming to you about your business. You can ask, Hey Nnic.. if I place an ad on my website for others this means I am giving space only, people can put an ad on it & there is no connection with the buyer who comes on my website & see ads.

For this I want you to open your third eye. For me, as a digital marketer, it’s SEO EYE. That connects me to marketing reality. But before I go & establish a connection between these two almost not-related terms, I want to talk about the first thing – How you can do this.

A quick review of Google Adsense

  1. This is totally free, you just need to make an account on Google Adsense.
  2. This doesn’t need technical knowledge, even kids can do it.
  3. You must qualify on the Google Guidelines on Google Adsense.
  4. You must have a website that you can offer to google for ad placement.
  5.  keep your website updated.
  6.  write on topics about your business line, like problems, solutions etc.
  7. follow Google Adsense Rules

Google Adsense rules are simple, but you must follow them without breaking any of them, Google has Zero Tolerance policy about it. Before I tell you about this rulebook let’s check if your website qualifies for Google Adsense Program or not.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Google Adsense

You must be the owner of your website.

Your age must be 18+

Your content should be high quality & useful for others. With the following points, you can know what they mean

  • Your website must have fresh content on it, old not-updated content becomes useless for others.
  • Your website content must have proper headings and bullet lists(if needed). This makes your content more effective, readable & step-by-step.
  • Your website must be a secured website & must have an SSL certificate, to check this check your browser where you type website name, if you see there Not Secure is written then you need to get its the solution

SSL error on website is against google policies

  • Grammar and spelling mistakes make content hard to understand, if you have some problem then you can write your content in Hindi or you can hire a content writer who can write for you. If you think you are enough capable then you can do this yourself. Today there are many writing tools are available online that can make you a more efficient writer. One of the popular tools is Grammarly. You can install this free tool on your browser & start writing at some expert level.
  • Don’t make thin content on your website, write some descriptive & long articles. It doesn’t mean you start writing crap, never do this. Write articles after planning.
  • Write informative content on your website, for this, you can use the blogging feature of your website. If your website doesn’t have this feature then stop working on this garbage website.

In this reference, I must say people near us are still unaware, they think the website should be cheaper than the cheapest, so they make static HTML pages with some CSS animation on them. These HTML websites are hard to update, you tell me can you ask your website designer to make 7 to 15 pages per month, every month… Why? because every time you make a blog page to add an article statically you will be charged & nobody wants to afford this. Dynamically or CMS-made websites have a feature where you can make your regular pages from your panel so use it.

  • These pages are must be eligible – About, Contact, Privacy Policy. If your website has content related to money then you must have a Terms & Condition page on it
  • Before applying there should be around 30 articles on your website about related topics to your business category.
  • Your website should not be a brand new website, & it must be older than 3 months
  • The domain must be like .com, .in first level domain in your website
  • The website should be responsive & fast, because if your website is slow then google will lose it’s client business, which google never wants
  • On your website, content must be ethical. Anything that is against the society, public, belief google never like that.
  • Brand policies of google are clean, so if your website hurts any brand this is also not acceptable, if somehow you get approved then there are chances of suspension.
  • Google’s name, email & other information policy is strict, they don’t take you if your information is incomplete & wrong.
  • Never copy content from other websites, write your own informative version

When you get AdSense approval, you must take care of the following things

You must follow Google policies strictly.

Don’t ask someone to click the ad on your website, because Google is able to track that down. If they find clicks are random & against their AI analysis. Like your friend clicks on the ad, they can catch you, so don’t be over smart. My recommendation is never to tell about your website to your relatives & friends because if just due to curiosity these guys click on your google ads, you can get your account suspended.

Never put something illegal on your website, as much as you stay away from controversies your Adsense account will keep you giving earnings.


in the above part, I am sharing basic information you need to know before applying for Google Adsense Program. Now,

How Much you can earn from ads

This is not limited, but it depends on your visibility like how many people come on your website, as much you make your website popular earning happens. It never stops, like you posted a useful article year back & still people are coming on that page & see ads, you get money for this.

You get money in 2 ways,

1- By Impression on ads:

People just see your ad on your website, this type of view will not give much but something you are getting without doing anything is perfect & year in years you keep getting money for this.

2- By clicks on ads by Adsense:

You get money for clicks on ads. Keep in mind never ask people to click on an ad because your account can come at a risk. If you follow the policy you will keep getting Gold-Egg.

Like every business, in this business, there are 2 types of people, lazy & hard workers. So the earning can be different for different people. It depends on how many people come to your website, how many clicks the ads, how many just see the ad. All I can say about earning that there are people who are earning millions too, it’s more than most small businesses in India, but vice versa if you don’t post new content on your website, you don’t update it then nobody will come to it when no visitor then you will not be able to generate money… So, it’s all game of website traffic.

Now for what you started reading this article… How it will promote your business for free?

If everything is done with the right keyword & informative content, it will bring traffic to your website. If you focus on the right topic then the right people will come, however, I don’t a day this is SEO, but still without that

  1. Your audience will increase, your audience is your customers. In this way, you will be able to manage some internet reputation somehow which is so exciting because you are getting traffic of your industry’s people
  2. These articles will make your brand because your audience can connect with your content

Later you can convert this traffic & get leads. 

so, did you see the content you created for your website is giving you revenue from your website & at the same time this is giving you revenue by leads. If you were not aware of this information then now you know it. You can apply it yourself.

What you can do to achieve extra 1000% leads by your website

Either learn SEO first (Search engine Optimization) – A kind of search engine promotion where people like me (Digital Marketers & SEO agencies) work on the website & make them search engine communicable. Search engines can understand what your website is saying & your website gets optimized according to search engines. Here is a course that can train you for SEO, Actually this is our own institute where we train corporates. We are a digital marketing company basically, based in Delhi we do SEO services since 2007, just incase if you need it.


Hire some experienced SEO guys to promote your website.

In anyway mentioned above, you can generate additional revenue almost 10 times extra than you do without promoting your website.

So, now I assume, you have your website & you are qualified on eligibilities, now the question arises how to apply Adsense.

Google shared a document that gives you details here. Keep remembering you can make your Google Adsense account with any Gmail ID you have. It’s a google product & all google products can be accessed by using your own gmail ID.

You can log in Google Adsense from here.

Fill up all the information they ask







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