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Gyan Sharma

Jun 16, 2020

Advanced web design that can give business

More than a simple web design, an Advance web design is user-friendly, understandable to visitors, and relatively low-maintenance. Advanced tools and digital marketing also work smoothly in this.

Along with technological development, it is also future designing so that your website design does not become outdated over time. An advanced type of website designing work is mostly done from the point of view of the profit of its user.

List of elements that primarily make advanced website design

  • Forms in HTML

  • Website Hosting

  • Cascading Style sheets

  • Inserting video, audio

  • Image map in HTML

  • Inline Frame

Advance web design

Small but essential elements without which a website cannot be advanced.

1- HTTPs:

Decades back, when the Internet started people were not much aware of this, at that time browsers were compatible with this too. But with the growing internet in 2023, neither browsers support it nor the internet environment.

So earlier this thing which was considered a wasteful expenditure adds to the advancement in today’s websites. To avoid internet fraud, SSL has become a compulsory product, in its absence, not secure is written instead of HTTPS Secure, which advises the visitor not to browse the website. Although Google has changed its SSL icon, its quality does not work, but it increases progressively.

2- URL (Uniform Resource Locator):

It’s an address of a website page on the search engine. Keeping short means visitors can remember your short & simple URLs or at least they can write it somewhere to follow it later, is it is considered in your web design then you can call in advance.

3- SEO Compatibility:

SEO compatibility at least can ensure that you can scale your website up someday on search engine’s guidelines, this is another meaningful advance element in your page design.

4- Use of Google fonts:

Attractive fonts can’t replace google fonts. Previously due to this there was a rendering time issue in mobile browsers, see many mobile phones are Android today, so the font conversion time becomes less if in web design these fonts are used.

5- Twitter integration with your website:

Don’t underestimate Twitter, however, this has 16th rank on the list of social media platforms, and still you are not integrating this with your website because in some countries this is not much popular as other social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook. You must integrate it. Here are 33 tips to get reach on twitter

See what Neil Patel says,

6- Web Server that handles your web design:

This is too important for any advanced website, a good web server means that gives you security, better space, a time-to-time backup facility, SSD Hosting, SSL & proper management tools. Don’t consider saving a little amount over a good server, facilities have it’s own charge.

See what Neil Patel says:

Content creation in advance format

The content should be such that the website visitor feels connected, do not fool him, because he must have already checked many websites.
Use the Sprite SEO technique while writing content, in which the vial is kept straight. No one has time to read useless content.

To write your content you must know the problem of the visitor, and what he is searching for. Content is always advanced in advanced website design, these features of advanced content will make you aware.

  1. Direct to the point.
  2. Small sentences.
  3. Small paragraphs.
  4. There must be something to say
Advance web design

Advance web design does not depend only on the technology, or the development language, but on whether your audience can understand your point or not. It incorporates the best of the above technical elements content whenever they are found – an advanced web design.

How much does website cost in India?2023-08-13T20:06:24+05:30

How much does a website cost in India (Only pagewise rough estimate), not exact.

The following rates are a rough estimate, we are providing just ranges for standard non-eCcommerce websites. From 3800-200000, this can be anything, based on website design quality, length of pages, work on it until price justification.

Pages Cost
1 Page website cost 3800 Rs – 50000 Rs
4 Page website cost 6000 Rs – 60000 Rs
6 Page web designing price 7000 Rs –  65000 Rs
10 Page web designing price 12000 Rs – 80000 Rs
15 Page website designing cost 18000 Rs – 100000 Rs
20 Page website design rate 22000 Rs – 120000 Rs
50 Page website design rate 45000 Rs – 180000 Rs
Can u create a website for free?2023-08-13T19:39:16+05:30

Absolutely, you can create a website for free without a web designer. Just remember to secure a domain and hosting from reliable providers like,,, or

For a polished website, basic graphic skills, content placement, color harmony, and engaging material are essential. These elements shape a website, combining form and function.

Use this information to enhance your website’s professionalism while keeping the cost-free option in mind.”

How many technical types of websites are there?2023-08-13T19:25:49+05:30

To understand the various types of websites, two concepts come into play:

  1. Websites can generally be classified into two types: Static and Dynamic. Dynamic Web 2.0 format websites have the ability to interact with users today. These websites can provide outputs based on user inputs. Functionally, there are two main formats: Informative websites and e-commerce websites. Informative websites provide information, whereas e-commerce websites not only provide information but also enable the selling of products.

    Based on Technical Structure:

    Websites can be categorized into two types from a technical perspective:

    • Static websites
    • Dynamic websites

    There are two types of websites: Static and Dynamic. Dynamic Web 2.0 format websites can interact with users. Dynamic websites are interactive, while static websites serve informational purposes.

  2. Types of websites based on functionality:

    • Informative websites
    • E-commerce capable websites

    Informative websites are designed to provide information to people, while e-commerce websites have the added capability to sell products. The design models for both types of websites are distinct. Thus, it cannot be claimed that e-commerce websites are merely upgraded versions of informative websites.


Q: What is advanced web design?

A: Advanced web design refers to the use of user-friendly and future-oriented design principles in creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also low-maintenance. It involves incorporating advanced tools, and digital marketing techniques, and staying up-to-date with technological advancements.

Q: What are the essential elements of advanced website design mentioned in the article?

A: The article lists several essential elements for advanced website design, including:

  1. Forms in HTML
  2. Website Hosting
  3. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  4. Inserting video and audio
  5. Image map in HTML
  6. Inline Frame

Q: Why is HTTPS considered an important element in advanced web design?

A: HTTPS, which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is considered important in advanced web design because it ensures a secure connection between the website and the user’s browser. It helps prevent internet fraud and enhances the trustworthiness of the website.

Q: What is the significance of URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in advanced web design?

A: Short and simple URLs are considered significant in advanced web design because they are easier for visitors to remember or save for later reference. Having concise and memorable URLs improves user experience and can contribute to the advancement of the website.

Q: Why is SEO compatibility mentioned as an advanced element in web design?

A: SEO compatibility ensures that the website can be optimized for search engines, allowing it to rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic. It is considered an advanced element because it enables scalability and aligns with search engine guidelines.

Q: What is the role of Google Fonts in advanced web design?

A: Google Fonts offer a wide range of attractive and web-safe fonts that can enhance the visual appeal of a website. Their usage is considered advanced because they are optimized for mobile browsers and help reduce rendering time.

Q: Why is integrating Twitter with a website mentioned as an advanced element?

A: Integrating Twitter with a website is considered an advanced element because it allows for social media integration and expands the reach of the website’s content. Even though Twitter may not be as popular in some countries, it still has a significant user base and can contribute to website engagement.

Q: Why is choosing a reliable web server important for advanced website design?

A: A good web server is crucial for advanced website design because it provides security, ample space, regular backups, SSD hosting, SSL certificates, and management tools. Investing in a reliable web server ensures smooth operation and optimal performance of the website.

Q: What are some features of advanced content creation mentioned in the article?

A: The article suggests several features for advanced content creation, including being direct and to the point, using short sentences and paragraphs, and providing valuable information. Advanced content focuses on addressing the visitor’s problem and engaging them effectively.

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