The world changed a lot after 2020 for exporters, From March 2020 to date, today export business suffered like no other businesses. After 2021 we saw a spike in business. However, this is not like it was before 2020 but this is not like 2002 too. My motive is not reporting after the 2020 business scenario only but the exact reason is to tell you the real-time importance of digital marketing in this business.

International buyers are on track again, so the digital marketing which was paused last year awaken again to grow like anything. The first part is having a perfect website for you that can present you on the internet because all other options are not practical today.

Who is Exporter & why they need websites?

Here is the reasoning behind benefits of a website for an exporter, like why they should go for a website & what would happen if they don’t opt website?

No website means no overseas business presentation

If you are an exporter who still has a cheap website then you are the one who wants our business with no communication exchange. Before you sign a deal with an exporter, this doesn’t happen in one day.

Unlike a normal business, these overseas deals are not too small. Your buyers are planning to invest in you.

Internation buyers need comfort, they would like to know you completely

Your overseas international buyers would love to feel comfortable. A badly designed website (without a marketer’s advice) can look beautiful but creates discomfort for them. Buying is a game of the unconscious mind, if someone purchases from you then before his conscious mind agrees, his unconscious mind takes a decision.

I prove it,

Day one when an international bulk buyer comes in contact with an exporter, you send him properly designed documents in form of a proper sales funnel. With this sales funnel your presentation material goes to them one by one & step by step. They get impressed but they don’t buy it directly from you. They shortlist you among similar profiles they find on the Internet. After this they contact you & you get your client conversion.

The impression! this is the key. Being shortlist is more important than you sell them, so don’t try hard. Just let them see their options, if they find you the best then they will process this export deal from you.

We all know export is selling and sending goods to other countries and the person who does this is known as an exporter. Being an exporter you are required to be getting known worldwide to expand your business and be successful. We are here to give you the key to get benefitted.

Hence, keep reading this article in which we are going to discuss the benefits of a website for an exporter and you will be able to make smart decisions.

Increased online scope

Being available online means there is no limitation for you to reach your customers. As the years passing, having an online presence is getting popular and beneficial. Furthermore, in this corona pandemic, the scope of online has drastically increased.



A website is a collection of web pages that contains all the data and the information about a particular subject (for example all the information about your export business) on the internet. As a result, One can get these details through your website with just a click.


Lowered Expense

If you want to provide information about your business to potential customers you will look for better options. Instead of doing advertisement, making your own website is a much better and cheap option for you to do to cater to international customers.

Customer Convenience

Information through your website is not bound to time constraints. therefore, It works for you anywhere and anytime which gives convenience to your potential customer who lives abroad having a different time zone.

Increased Sale

Having a website gives customers the freedom to do inquiries and make orders according to their convenience. By this, it increases the chance of conversion of potential customers and a hike in sales.

Building Credibility

By putting every detail of the business, how it works, where it is located, your phone number builds the credibility of your business in the mind of the international customers. Furthermore, it helps in creating brand awareness.

Demographic Reach

Since for an exporter, there is no limit to the geographical location of its customer. Therefore, you need to have a website to reach out to the world that has no boundaries. People from all across the globe can connect with you and help to expand your business internationally.

Showcase your Portfolio

The website is an interactive and effective way to showcase the work you have done. This helps in gaining the confidence of the potential customer.


Exporter works with or for the globe, to meet the requirements of exporter you definitely need to have a website. As you have read the benefits of having a website mentioned above, it’s time to make a decision. So, if now you are ready to make your own website and wondering what should you do next. If yes, don’t worry there many companies who design websites at reasonable prices.

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