Nowadays, the content of the website is heavy and also content-driven websites are in high demand. Although creating a heavy content website is easy but the process makes choice between two popular systems- Static Site Generator and Content Management System.

SSG served to the user a static website in the form of HTML files, whereas CMS is used to manage web content, allowing multiple contributors to create and publish a website.

Here we show you why you should choose CMS and show the comparison between them.

Basic Features of Content Management System

  • Content creation
  • Content storage
  • Workflow management
  • Publishing


  • Collaborative nature.
  • Allow non-technical people to easily create and manage their own web content.
  • Reduce its reliance on front-end engineers to make changes to the websites.

We work on websites by taking the reference of basic features of CMS so that you can take the benefits of it. We want to assure our client’s benefits, profit and satisfaction.

How is our Company’s information management?

Our developers give you all information about the company’s management and give you a reliable recommendation for your website. We provide most user-friendly and flexible solution for your website.

How much cost does it need to work with CMS?

Every best thing needs high cost. It depends upon you that how much you can invest in your website. However, limited the budget more limited the choices.

What are the business operations?

We give our best for your video publishing. We also ensure that the images for the blog are best and suit your business goals.

Can you make changes to the website?

Yes, you can make changes to your website. Technical as well as a non-technical person can access the website and can make desirable changes. 

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