Digital Marketing Prizing

Digital marketing pricing can be found here by following the buttons below. There are two key divisions in digital marketing. Find the following subsections of digital marketing & explore the price.

  1. SEO & SEM (Search engine Optimization & marketing)
  2. SMO & SMM (Social media Optimization & marketing)

Pricing of SEO & SEM is here, but before we go ahead with small definitions let you know what are they?

SEO & SEM (Search engine Optimization & marketing)

SEO is the organic form of marketing. For optimization that means organic practices of marketing are involved in it. It means optimizing your website according to search engines. No paid ads are involved in SEO, where SEM (M) for marketing), where it comes, people call it paid promotions, however from the correct point of view both abbreviations sound incorrect.

SMO & SMM (Social media Optimization & marketing)

SMO means (social media optimization) & SMM means (social media marketing) in SMO organic efforts are involved & in SMM paid ads are involved too. Many social media sites exist, including Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Together, they collaborate on social media marketing.