Here is an E-Commerce website designing plan & mistakes. The customers are not designers & designers are not product sellers. If both do not work together or don’t get full information exchange then the E-Commerce websites will certainly get dumped soon after a year. So if you are planning an eCommerce business & don’t want to fail then you must read these mistakes. At the planning stage of the website, almost 99.999% of people do it.

99.999% repeat these mistakes with ecommerce website designing plan, if you are not reading this then you are going to become one of them, this information is actually a goldmine that can save your dream of making ecommerse website.

E-Commerce website designing planning especially for Indian businesses, the mistakes they do.

In India, most businesses e-commerce website designing plans are made without thinking of a digital marketing budget, this is the very first mistake:

When you are planning an e-commerce website you must be prepared for a few good things & vice versa. This is all about how you calculate the budget for your new e-commerce website designing plan.

Because today an online business is similarly as expensive as an offline business (At least you must compare this with a small shop). A small offline shop has a small space, at least 1 helper, you have to pay the employee & pay your rent. This gives a clear idea of what budget you should think of, for an ambitious successful e-commerce website.

You should keep this eCommerce expense idea in your mind when you are planning to create an e-commerce website. This is a hard fact without digital marketing eCommerce sale is almost impossible.

Vice versa it brings some good news to you, with the right promotional digital marketing budget you can earn 6-10 times more than a normal offline business. (Just a sales estimation based on our experience)

Another good news is, sales at an e-commerce website are more instant than at a shop where you have to wait for months to build a customer relationship.

Who understands this e-commerce formula of business, can make their e-commerce website a selling machine. Rest who don’t understand this, create another liability that never gives you anything you expect.

There are a lot of e-commerce websites in the market. At least in any metropolitan city like Delhi where every street has 2-3 e-commerce sellers, the competition is very tough & you can consider this is the most difficult thing to achieve without online marketing.

Without knowing the basic eCommerce website features you jump to make a big website:

Website designing is not as simple to print pamphlets for business. Most people plan websites by seeing websites of rivals, neighbors, relatives, or friends. As a result, they repeat mistakes done by them, this mistake repetition becomes common in the market then it becomes a trend (a bad trend that finally backfires).

Every eCommerce business plan is different, everyone has a different budget different products, market, profit mindset, raw material cost, staff that can work on an e-commerce website. With this huge difference if someone copies a business model then this is one of the most not-recommended ideas ever. Everyone should rely on his decision-making because nobody wants to be part of the rat race. We recommend you to know the features that you can opt for. Don’t say you are not technical because you are not going to design these features but you are going to use them.

Over-analysis of the decision for making an eCommerce website:

Yes! over-analysis is a common typical problem in entrepreneurs. Overanalysis is the only problem that stops you to do anything. For an instance, you have a business plan. Just overthinking stops you to begin. Doing something & get failed is better than not doing it. In fact website designing & its promotion actually cost less than the time you waste thinking, avoiding then rethinking the website designing plan.

No time is right or wrong, no market is up or down. It’s about the model you are in. Just 2 questions arise here, are you in the modern business model? or the old traditional model? Internet is present today & future too where no space for late-comers.


Other reasons are secondary, they are different from the above 3 because the above are planning-related errors & the rest are technical.

Missing the features in your E-Commerce website designing plan:

There are a bunch of features that ultimately improve trust. It’s important for any eCommerce website design to include them. The reason is website trust, you are expecting your buyer to pay on the website. If you don’t follow his mindsets, confusions & do not work to win it your website can’t get successful. Never forget there are giants in the market who are already in competition.

A chat-box, or your no. on your website top helps customers to trust you. Inventory management helps you to manage stock. There may be different size variants, conditions & minimum order limits. A well-created policy page helps them to gather more information from you. Depending on a lot of marketing strategies website designers can suggest you apply conditions on it.

If you find a coordinator in your website designing company then there are good chances if you ask them then they tell you the real-time solutions. A marketing coordinator is a person who knows the market, knows to sell, digital marketing. Also, he knows real-time practical problems with eCommerce projects. He works as a bridge between designer & client. So choose a company that has at least one dedicated coordinator because he is the person who actually saves your business.

How your poorly designed website loses customer trust:

When someone comes on your website & sees this website is working without SSL. As a result, they see Not Secure Warning in the browser, at another instance they experience slow speed. Website visitors assume your website may be a scam.

Since SSL is a product & you have to buy it like a product. A cheap website that doesn’t have SSL. Not having SSL may save your money for a while but soon it will cost your whole eCommerce planning, project, hard work, & money you already spent. Because nobody will buy if they see not secure warning. Why the buyer put his credit card details on your website if he knows it is not secured.

(See Image)

Slow e-commerce websites:

This reason is not technical but a part of human behavior, people don’t trust you if your website causes difficulty for them to open.

Wrong amount ratio division for online marketing: A general thought considering the Indian market only if you are selling regular products:

For some specialized products, this idea may change, maybe your digital marketer gives you some other ratio that is also fine because on the practical ground these ideas get changed. It is highly advised to listen to your marketer only

No matter whatever your budget is, tell your service provider about it. Spend 60% monthly budget on paid ads. rest 40%  should go for organic marketing. Because you need sales instantly & ads give you revenue instantly. so giving 60% to the ads is a fair shot.

But the problem, ads are costly (comparatively) so if you want to reduce your cost for later then give 40%  budget to organic promotions. This 40% will not give you instant results but later it will reduce your ad cost & by using the same amount you can generate more sales.

Maybe by SEO or other SMO techniques you get direct sales too, SEO will add many keywords & increase your visibility on search engines. All that organic promotion does is create your branding. Once you are established as a brand you can drive more sales.

This is to keep in mind while planning an e-commerce project, branding is essential, if you think you can sell only by ads then you are planning to dig a hole in the earth to travel to another side of the planet. In long-term business, this strategy gets fail because this is like digging a well every day for your business. High bidding in ads, increasing day-by-day competition, not having your loyal client base may cause your e-commerce business to shut down in later years.

When you become a brand you get high CTR, few sales are made just because people know your website already.

But again all this information is general information & may change at ground level.

You target a big geographical zone as your initial step:

From paid ad point of view, there is no problem. But the problem is branding. You obviously selling in the whole country. The problem is branding, 99.9999% of businesses do not have enough budget to create branding all over the country, but in small areas, you can do it easily.

Let’s assume in your e-commerce business you are targeting the whole country but without branding. You can’t cover each city, state & district. Vice-versa in a state or in any metropolitan city like Delhi if you do branding then you can drive the same sales but this time it’s with branding. As you reduce locality size you get more chances to be a brand.

If you target just south Delhi with your social media ads, in this zone this is easy to become a brand. Another point most e-commerce small businesses have inventory not enough to sell in such small locations like south Delhi. Why not better be a king of south Delhi first rather than trying to become king in India.

Again these concepts can work differently for every client, so listen to your marketer who is serving you. This is just to clear your thought.


  1. If you have a budget problem, then don’t think an eCommerce website is a low-cost business. You also need to manage resources here like a normal shop.
  2. Ask all features website designing companies can provide, & know why they are important.
  3. Use your mind, decide yourself. Don’t follow websites from friends because repeating mistakes become in tradition.
  4. Of course, eCommerce websites help to sell, but you need to have a marketing plan.
  5. Unlike shops, eCommerce business gives results instantly.
  6. Divide your budget for marketing into different segments.
  7. Don’t try to save because a little amount can save your whole project, ultimately the project is important.
  8. The sale a regular eCommerce website can make depends on your marketing budget, if it is zero then sales will be almost zero.


There are many common features that can be opted in eCommerce website designing plan from informative website designing types. But keep in mind e-commerce website’s structure is quite different from a normal website so while doing a price compare don’t compare with a regular non-eCommerce website’s pricing, but yes you can opt for almost every feature that a normal website has which is non-e-commerce. To know what are other features you can go with this article. Reading this will give you some better advantages.



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