Searching SEO course? Don’t want to invest with Digital Marketing Institutes? This is a common problem of student they miss the opportunities due to lack of money or overthinking, so presenting 4 ways of gathering knowledge or doing a free SEO course. Additionally, it’s common with online digital marketing courses that they use very old videos & ppts & last year in 2020, Google made a lot of changes to its algorithms, to meet this change you need to purchase costly books that certainly you don’t want.

So, I share here one Institute that gives you one month of SEO training for free. Find the information on the website of Delhi Digital Guru.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your website to rank high on the search engine result page which in turn increases traffic to your site. The field of SEO is increasing day by day. So if you are looking for a healthy career to build then you should go through this article. In this article, you will know about the ways to learn SEO for free.

A Free SEO course: Delhi Digital Guru

Delhi Digital Guru is an online platform to learn Digital Marketing for free by the initiative of Cybertooth Incorporation. It is a Delhi-based Web development company established in 2007. In this, one month course with a certificate is provided which includes a new interactive practical training concept and live project interactions with clients. The objective of this course is to make students job-ready before you join somewhere and this will give you the confidence to work in the field.

The course is beneficial for you if you want to get trained with the 2021 upgraded course as we know SEO is an evolving field, learning old and dead concepts is of no use. Trainers of the course are well experienced and working in the industry. In this, you will also be given live projects to work on. Getting interested in the course so register yourself, following steps are required to join this free search engine optimization course.

Steps to join this 1 month free SEO crash Course

  1. Enroll yourself on their website
  2. Once you get an invitation, then give the exam online. If you qualify, then you will get an interview call.
  3. Their seats are limited, so if you clear this interview, they will tell you the timing.
  4. On that scheduled date & time you start your course.

Another way for free learning

There are other ways to learn SEO, mention below:


Youtube is an online video platform having heterogenous videos to look for. There are a lot of channels having their videos to learn from.  Yes, it can be a simple way to learn SEO but there is no defined way to watch and learn.

Also, it is a one-way communication that restricts your doubt solving. Additionally, videos are made at a particular time and they get out of date at some point in time.


Ebooks are also known as electronic books which are available on the internet and can be downloaded on our phones, tablets, laptops, and on other electronic devices. This gives us a whole knowledge in one place and easily available for access.

But to read a whole book you need to have full concentration and dedication whereas there are many other online platforms that can teach you in an interactive way.

Find an SEO company near you & do an Internship

An internship is an opportunity for freshers to get hands-on experience in a particular field for a limited period of time offered by an organization. Generally, internships are the hiring of unpaid human resources to work for an organization. In order to qualify for the internship, you need to have basic knowledge about the topic.

Footnote & final analysis

This is true, for an explore options never end. If you are a hard worker then everything is near you. Once founder of Tesla, Elen Musk, said all the information is near you, you are the only one who can explore it or not.

I have given you 4 different options where you can join the SEO course for free, from my point of view you should work on all 4 options but in case you don’t have enough funds & time both the at least you can try to get admission for free with Delhi Digital Guru.

Keep in mind, here everything is free but admission is not that straight. You need to clear a small test & interview. After 1 month you get the certificate & practical knowledge both.



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Free digital marketing training for students

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