Have you heard Content Marketing before? If yes, you have probably know Content Marketing is considered a powerful tool to increase your customer base using the online technique.

if you are not familiar with the word before, don’t worry by reading this article you will understand the whole concept of content marketing and how to build your first content marketing strategies.

Firstly, let’s learn the meaning of content marketing. See this mail chimp article 

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is a relevant and consistent marketing gimmick, used by creating, sharing, and marketing such online materials which include writing blogs, creating videos, and using social media. The purpose of doing content marketing is to attract such buyers who have clear intentions of buying the product but for some reason, he is not purchasing. The reason could be that he is looking for other options available, or he is finding products costly. So, by doing content marketing we persuade that kind of customer that we are the best option available for them. And they should consider us to buy the product.

Content Marketing Strategy:

Content marketing strategy? you need a strategy to optimize your marketing goals

Content Marketing Strategy is a process and implementation of the set of rules which includes, planning how to do and what we need to achieve from the planned action.

These are the strategies that are used to achieve organizational goals by using content as the primary tool. These strategies should focus on answering customers’ needs.

You have to create content that is useful for them. Below, you will get to know how to build your content marketing strategies effectively.

Content marketing’s planning in a strategic manner is common these days, companies make plans to maximize the output. This article is also a piece of content & we want you to read, however, this is a secondary thing your benefit is the information you can get from here, but if you see our goal then it’s reasonable & it’s important.

Steps you should take care of while building the content marketing strategies-

1.  Decide the objectives that you need to achieve and set KPI to measure it

The first thing you do is to decide the desired future outcome for any action taken. So, before developing strategies you should clearly determine what you want to achieve from the plan. This will provide you with a path through which you can reach the outcome. To support these objectives you have to set Key Performance Indicators, which is a measurable value that determines whether the objectives are getting achieved or not. These are set to measure the success of actions taken to reach the desired goal. Therefore, before making your Content Marketing Strategies you should decide what you want in advance and set KPI so that you can focus on these objectives.

2. Set your target  audience which you want to choose

The Target Audience is the potential customers who are likely to buy our products. So we need to differentiate between the general audience and the one who is having a strong intention to buy your product. Doing good research will help to generate leads.

Now, you have defined the audience you need to cater to. let’s move forward to…

3. Choosing the right format for the audience and distribution strategy

In content marketing, we have various ways to send our intended message to the customer by using blogs, videos, or by creating social media posts. So, if you want to convey your message to your defined set of customers you need to do some research about the way they surf the internet. Whether they are spending their time on websites reading blogs or whether they are going to youtube to watch videos. As we all know the Impact of Social Media on people. Everybody has their accounts on multiple Social media platforms and they spend there a good amount of time. Therefore, you need to choose the right format to reach your audience. Writing a blog can generate their interest, Social Media posts can build trust and video can persuade them to buy. Choosing the right format is very crucial otherwise you are wasting your as well as others’ time.

4. Build a content plan to execute

Choosing the right format it’s not the end of the process. You need to be consistent in sharing the content across the buyer’s journey. The thing you will be doing in this is following up with the customer.

Different stages of the buyer’s journey are Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. All these stages require different types of content plans. You have to take buyers through this process by creating content aimed at every stage of the journey.

5. The last step is measuring the success

Last but not least is measuring the success of the strategies you have made. This will give you a clear insight into whether you are successful in achieving the goals or not. By measuring you can access the gap between the desired result and the actual result. Through this, we can have some key points on which we will have to work on, correct our mistakes, and keep these points in our mind for the future.


After reading this article, you can now conclude that Content Marketing is a process in which we track buyers’ journeys. And by doing content marketing we try to enter them into a funnel that makes a stranger our visitors through which we generate leads. And these leads can turn to our customers.

You can look for companies doing Digital Marketing for the purpose of doing Content Marketing. Else, if you have computer knowledge you can also do it on your own.

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