Worried about lockdown? Try these digital marketing techniques at home for free, to grow business, खुद कीजिए बिज़नेस की digital marketing

Try these digital marketing techniques at home for free, to grow business

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It’s been more than a year, the whole world is facing the challenges of the Covid 19 crisis. Everybody is suffering from the effect of the pandemic in their own ways. For you as a businessman, facing problems like shortage of customers due to lockdown and there is no scope for you to grow during the crisis. But, it’s not correct. You have a good chance of growing your business by making your presence online. As we all know, the whole thing was affected by the lockdown except the internet. The consumers shifted to online shopping and made this their habit.

A businessman needs to go with the trends. So, it’s important to have an online presence for your business. You can be found out by the consumers and can have safe money transactions. It is easier and reasonable to maintain an online presence rather than a physical store. Here, you can learn how to keep your business visible during a crisis by using digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is an online marketing gimmick that includes electronic devices. A business can easily sell or promote its products to a larger audience who are most likely to buy and to the existing customers. Besides, it is also helpful for businesses to build a relationship with customers and increase brand loyalty.

So, let’s start by detailing the various Digital Marketing ways.

1. SEO is a free medium to attract visitor

For SEO, you need to have a website that will give all the details about the business. You can easily develop your own website with the help of a website designer. Now, SEO is a process of optimizing your website to increase your online visibility on the Search Engine Results Page. It is a free technique that helps to gain organic traffic that will increase the prospective customer base. This will benefit us when a person searches for products related to the business can find us and we have to convince them that we are the best suit for them.

2. PPC is an effective paid way for Digital Marketing

PPC is a paid form of digital marketing which includes various channels under it. We have to pay the publisher every single click our ads get and that’s how traffic is driven to your website in this method. The purpose of PPC can be more visitors to the website, build brand image, app download, etc.

A. Google Ads – In this you will be paying to rank in higher slots on the Search Engine Results Page. The amount is based on the number of clicks ads get.

B. Ads on Facebook – Here, Facebook charges money from the owner for publishing their post or videos on the newsfeed of the targeted audience.

C. Twitter Ads – In Twitter also, allows placing our post or profile badges to the audience who are having an interest in the related business.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – A popular way to build brand awareness

This is a very interesting and effective way to promote our business through social media channels. Having accounts on social media gives support to the website and helps to build brand awareness. Doing marketing through social media to attract prospective customers is social media marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest are some popular channels used.

4. EMAIL MARKETING – a medium to establish customer relationship

Email Marketing focuses on establishing and maintaining a relationship with your customers. Emails are sent to welcome the customer, promoting some events or offers from the business, following up with the customers, and also we can ask for feedback from them. And keep in mind that you should be avoiding spamming emails. Otherwise, it will backfire on you.

5. CONTENT MARKETING is a rich form to express our business

In Content Marketing, we need to create and deliver rich content to our audiences to build brand image and attract more visitors to our website. These contents should be rich in quality and relevant to the audience. Writing a blog, creating videos, publishing whitepaper and ebooks, and infographics. This is a very effective way to keep your business visible during a crisis.

Writing blogs on the website is fruitful for the company to provide the company’s point of view and expertise on a topic. Creating Videos and infographics helps the audience to understand better. And for proper detailed information about the topic can be given by Ebooks and Whitepapers.

These all will help to attract visitors and building trust in the company by the visitors.


It is not a matter of worry if you are facing a shortage of customer interaction and are competing to be visible in the market during a crisis. It is an opportunity for you to grow more by making an online presence and doing digital marketing. In the article, you have learned the various ways on how to keep business visible during a crisis. Feel confident and make your first move in the direction of an online presence.


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