Digital marketing tips and tricks for your website because :

You searched for a website designer and made a very beautiful website, you put a lot of contact inside it and now you are wishing that Google will give you business, but the truth is something else, what you are doing, your competitors too doing exactly the same digital marketing tips.

Google used to rank in the past and still does today, but have you ever wondered why it is so difficult today, the reason for this is that there was not so much competition on the internet before. So new business marketing ideas are the first thing you can do. Check out a popular article about how popular brands are doing the same is here

Search engines are used to rank certain websites and others online. But as the internet became cheaper, people started to understand that if the business is to grow, then the internet has to be used.

Please see the following points:- 

These points are not tricks. These are essential tasks to prevent your website from becoming a liability. A good website is an asset, it works like a customer magnet. So before we start to make minds to know these ideas we are calling them marketing tips.

marketing tips

Why it is important to learn marketing tips and tricks for your website?

The first and foremost objective is to make the website visible to our potential customers. This will increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty in the eyes of visitors. These visitors will in turn become the leads and it increases the chances for us to convert them into customers.

Marketing tips help you optimize your business promotion with small resources. These resources are not often enough, for example, Business Funding faces scarcity in almost every situation. Once you find an easier way these are called marketing shortcuts, not only do they reduce your cost but also they focus the perfection in the process.

Tip 1- Online marketing is cheaper, it optimizes our business cost

However, this is the cheapest medium you can get customers playing around it wisely is required. Digital marketing has segments & sub-segments, Hiring a digital marketing company is not an easy task. You have to do a lot of research if your business is going in safe hands or not. If you do not concern about who takes your project then there are many freelancing websites that enhance the availability of your hiring.

However, it’s not that cheap for Indian customers because the project price on these websites is higher than hiring a company from a local area. The reason behind this is Indian local market is too competitive with pricing so most customers choose their physical local service providers.

  1. My main tip is- Do it! because there is nothing else you can do in marketing at a cheaper price than this.
  2. If you don’t have a strategy then start searching for another business, because this is the hard truth – No business can run without strategy
  1. marketing tips

Doing a good SEO work

Perhaps you would never want to do it yourself until you are an expert & you read SEO talks every day because this is like a sharp knife that can cut down your business if used wrongly.

SEO itself is a term that means increasing your website visibility on the Search Engine Results Page. Increased visibility drives more traffic to your website. Good SEO includes creating good and up-to-date content, and creating backlinks that increase the effectiveness of SEO strategy. 

There are various kinds of SEO, but what is this good SEO? Good means that you can perform, however, it’s time taking, initially, you need to invest money & patience both in this but later you opt a lot from this. I won’t say who is good or who is bad, but tricky SEO companies represent SEO techniques incorrectly. Customers need to take interviews first.

If you are in a business where funding is scarce then my tips are –

  1. Choose your company wisely
  2. Ask them how they will handle it
  3. Try to take an interview with a person who will work on your profile

A paid technique called Search Engine Marketing

Offently called SEM is a paid form of increased search visibility. If you have a deep pocket you should try this one. This is the type of advertising which will focus on your desired audience. This means you will be charged for the right audience who have a high chance of a conversion. 

In a small shop or business case, you need to find a way that can give you sales as quickly as possible. Because you are not in a position to wait for 3-6 months when you start getting business. This never means you should not do SEO, I will tell you why… in my next article.

You have to make a balanced approach for your business marketing, digital marketing is not something that can be done using one module, if you think so, this will fail if you find a competitor like me who knows more than me. A person who knows Digital marketing more than me can overwhelm me, similarly.

So my marketing tips are –

  1. Include this in your budget and dedicate a small amount for this also. The only reason is- it gives business instantly.
  2. With this, you can opt for other promotion models too, that can be slow. But if you are investing in products like google ads, & Bing paid ads, then initially you will get some money to survive.

Social Media Presence has collective benefits, my marketing tips are to minimize your marketing cost that can generate sales ultimately.

Social Media is a most loved and engaging platform for its audience. There is no harm to have a social media account for your business. Instead, it has numerous advantages and is convenient to manage. You can provide the links of your website to all your social media platforms to drive traffic from there if they are looking for detailed information.

For many local businesses, social media marketing is a powerful tool, you need to hunt when they sleep! This is the philosophy of marketing. Social media is a place where people relax, enjoy, and spend time with families.

As a marketer, I try to find the hidden agenda of the people who made these platforms. People who made this had just one reason – They wanted to make money, no matter what they say in their interviews.

When people are relaxed you can pitch them better, these days conversion from this medium is very tips

For manufacturers who make popular items, this is a good place for leads

This is also very good for medical services (I am not talking about doctors or medicines for leads), for example, cosmetic laser therapies, etc.

My marketing tips for social media are-

  1. Don’t leave this optimum marketing resource untouched because you cannot find higher conversions in any other digital marketing subfield.
  2.  For branding purposes, this is better than Search engine optimization if optimized well, unlike most unaware people if you don’t understand the power of branding & how to apply this in small Indian businesses then this read our article power of branding in Digital Marketing in India.
  3. Collect followers & likes from your local area, overseas followers have no worth for your business, your follower growth will be slow but later it will lead you to get what you expect from your business.
  4. This point is a second thought of my own previous point, initially, if your page is new, there is no like, no follower then you have to find a way for acquiring a little no. likes & followers. The biggest reason is nobody wants to be the first like or follower.
  5. Make your profile useful to others, you don’t know the power of giving free. Just try this & in later days you will get everything you need. Your digital marketer will let you know if he is honest & you are open to listening to advice.

Make your website user-friendly

Don’t ask me why User-friendly because you know this already, I am just telling you what you don’t know. As the saying goes, “A customer is the King”. We need to optimize our website while keeping customer convenience in mind. We have heterogeneous customers all over the globe. So, customizing your content to cater to their needs and make your customer’s interaction with your website smooth will benefit your business.

Check this point by dividing it into 2 parts, How search engines see your website & how your customers see your website. This section can be wider than you think, so read it completely so that you can know what you are doing wrong.

My marketing tips for the website are:

Tip1- Don’t make a website for you, make it for people :

A website is not a chance where you try your designing skills, if you want to keep it beautiful then choose the themes available. Here billions of website designs are available on the Internet. See what happens! here is a theme/ website template, designed by X company, this company is a global company that made 5-10 website templates in its 20 years of business.

Do you understand what it means? they are making these 5-10 websites for 20 years, do you think with the design they have improved you can beat it with your design skills?

This company has 10-40 web designers, all together working & implement their skills on these 5-10 websites. can you imagine 20-40 web designers working for 20 years, together, making just 5-10 website?

Logically, understand this –

Your designing output

You (1 person) Skill level 1 work for 1 month on your website = output (1X1X1/12year) = Design output 1/12

The theme’s designing company’s output

40 web designers X 20 years experience 10 websites = Design output 8000 or 800 for 1 website

You know the difference now, 800 points Vs your 1/12 points – Who is better?

My Tip: Choose the theme/website template you like from the million-billion options. Just make tiny changes to it then you can get the best design. Else trust me you are not the right person for this work.

How quickly search engines improvising their AI

People who know Algorithms, I want to say everyone doesn’t understand this term here, AI is popular so I used this as a synonym. The year 2020-21 is a game-changer, search engines like Google & Bing changed the way you see the internet. I am not joking, internet marketing has literally changed. Long-awaited announcements from Google etc. are above board now.

My marketing tips for search engine promotions are:

Website’s Marketing Tip No. #1

So carefully listen to your marketer & before this select your digital marketer carefully, because

There are a lot of people who claim they do the best digital marketing. But for people who don’t understand marketing how he can digitalize it?

You cannot understand their technical knowledge, but you can understand their understanding of marketing.

Website’s Marketing Tip No. #2

Make it user-friendly. Google launched mobile-first indexing as a ranking factor. Google has 2 types of crawlers (if you don’t know what are crawlers then check this), the first is Desktop crawlers & the second is mobile crawlers. This means a mobile crawler will come to your website first. In 2021, mobile crawlers will have more importance than desktop crawlers. Make a website for mobile.

Website’s Marketing Tip No. #3

Design a mobile plan citywide if your business is local

Keep the website speed great on mobile, because it is seen website performs well on desktops but not on mobile phones. In countries like India

  • Where internet traffic is high
  • Mobiles have unstable networks & Internet connections.
  • In cities that are congested with buildings, inside rooms internet connections get poor

With the above adverse mobile conditions, websites take time to open. As a result, the bounce rate goes high & your ranking goes down. So be careful with the traffic you get from such cities & mobile devices. Try to make the website lighter than light, yes in this situation-

You have to compromise your website animations and sliders.

It’s your designer’s work who gives you advice, on how your website keeps looking good without these.

Increase your hosting budget #3

Don’t try to make a cheap website because it comes with a lower hosting type. Hosting may range from Rs . 600 to 30000 rupees per year. Depending on the website size, you need to choose a website hosting

Make the most out of customer data

There are tools available for us to determine the website’s performance and give information about the visitors. Now it’s on you how you can take proper advantage of the data for your benefit. Through this, you can learn visitor behavior and can optimize your website to attract the audience and compel them to become returning visitors.

Website’s Marketing Tip No. #4

  1. If you are not a digital marketer, then don’t try this at home, there are tools available to do this but everyone can analyze it.
  2. Hire your digital marketer to analyze the website.

Get ready to pay people

Website’s Marketing Tip No. #5

Spending money is not a bad idea, we all waste money. No matter how small your business is but some small dedicated amount from this wastage can help you to grow.

My final marketing tip

  • Try to pay for your work, god will not work for you.
  • Keep in mind that you are hiring Digital Marketing Companies like yours to hire a physical staff on some salary because these guys will give you more than anyone.
  • Keep remembering that if you don’t pay, you will not get anything
  • Keep remembering your existing buyers can switch to another seller someday, in this uncertain world nothing is permanent.
  • Remember when you made your website last time, you wanted to pay peanuts for a website, this is why your website designers & digital marketers never told you to buy good tools.
  • Keep remembering, if you haven’t had business from the website in the past then you are responsible, maybe your digital marketer was a cheat but it was you who listened to his technical goof-ups not his understanding of general field marketing.
  • You got it for what you paid tips

Based above points my tip is for you to be practical, & don’t close your eyes.

As of now, you are aware of what marketing tips and tricks for your website to increase visibility online and attract visitors. So, after this, you should keep all these points in mind when you are done with your website design.


Website designing is not bad, it always gives business UNTIL you do not choose the cheapest, you have to change the mindset – Let’s start to try it with a little amount, if I get a benefit then I will pay.

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