I write this article, because of the badly presented term GMB (Google my business) & actual SEO, It’s often seen, some bad marketers include GMB in their crammed sales pitch that creates a problem for customers who are actually unaware.  if the client doesn’t know the difference between GMB, google map listing & SEO, he can’t take proper decisions.

GMB listing is not SEO, just a tiny part of it. It looks like this.

..GMB listing and SEO difference

Did you ever notice these listings on search pages? These are called GMB managed listings. This is a reflection of the map, on the first page.

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GMB Listing Vs SEO: A huge difference

GMB listing is made when your business gets verified on Google, the first thing Google does, it places you on Google Maps as a business entity. Google localizes your business in a particular radius of few Kilometers.

In most cases, we do this listing for our old customers for free,

The reason is, we have no problem doing this free if they have a genuine business.

How SEO is different?

SEO is an ocean, where this GMB trick is just a small part of it. Where GMB listing is very easy to be erased, this is temporary if you violate any google term.

As an SEO, I am really very unhappy with unethical (So-called digital marketers) who publicize GMB term wrongly, because due to some over-smart guys, who run businesses based on rumors & often ask the customer to replace their business name with keywords. They don’t know their listing will be terminated & the business will be blacklisted if some real SEO person takes steps against it.

  • The third Point is GMB is limited to three to four results only, on the first page you just see 3 toppers in your local area, you don’t know where 4th goes.
  • Position fluctuation of GMB – Yes right now if you are on top 3 ranks, you are visible on Google 1st page then if you don’t update your website in an SEO way, your listing will drop.
  • GMB listing is limited to just a few keywords only, if by chance you stuff keywords in your business name then there are chances you get rank in your local area for 1-3 keywords, not more than it, where SEO is just an opposite
  • SEO directly affects GMB listing too, as I said GMB is part of SEO. If you are doing SEO work on your website then your website will meet google quality. Your online reputation will be high, your radius will be bigger for GMB than past when there was no SEO.
  • In absence of SEO, you can’t target more keywords, you will always be limited to 2-3 keywords
  • Finally, by changing your company name you lose your Brand Name. Keyword stuffing makes you local when you don’t call your name aloud. & someday it will get terminated.
  • Note: If your business gets blacklisted on google then nobody can save your google promotion, so avoid keyword stuffing into it. Think, if the website gets old, you can change the domain in rs 700, you can buy another .in domain or something
  • But
  • if google blacklists your business, then on google map you will never appear. Neither locally not countrywide, nor globally. And no SEO guy can help with this. When you search for your ‘Super Guy’ who made this bad thing possible, even they won’t be able to do anything.
  • So Staying away from such bad practices is a wise decision, don’t play with your GMB listing because it is root.

What are March-April Changes in GMB

Google is going to promote (as a past announcement) images if they are original, with no art over it. So post images that you just shoot, the original images.

SEO is a game-changer. It does all things in an ethical way following google policies

  • SEO is an ocean of such techniques, among 1000 rules of google algorithm & AI, GMB is one of them. It can be directly affected by SEO. but before I start, I tell you what is SEO beyond all you know.
  • Google makes changes to its algorithm frequently, last year in the year 2000 it made more than 450 changes in a year. So count more than 1 change every day.
  • SEO people continuously read & follow the latest news, their learning never stops. They work as an interpreter between business & Google. They make your website, they make it in a way that Google can understand. Google sends them errors & weaknesses of the website & they solve this.
  • They inform google about they fixed such problems, they tell Google what pages are new, what pages got deleted. They add content to your website in a frequent way. So that your website can rank on new keywords, they make your page position good.

We are not Google listing magicians, we are part of a great community that keeps the internet clean, we are SEOs.



Google’s new algorithm is updated last October 2020, these new changes make google more powerful to understand the business, never forget when a non-technical guy ask you to do anything because if you follow him, you will lose everything, then don’t say – गूगल से बिज़नेस नहीं आता

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