Top features of a website, without this your website is not less than the worst.

The website is not a printed calendar, you need to make changes to your website from time to time. Probably you would not like to change it every year too. That’s why you need to know the features of a website first.

Once you feel your website is not giving you business then you need to ask 2 questions to yourself

1.What are the missing features of your website?

2.Did you go to any advertisements?

Before 2010, maybe you didn’t need to advertise your website, this was the time when comparatively there was no competition in the market. Competition increased & the requirement of a well-featured website with a good marketing strategy becomes an essential thing to do. Of course, you are not a web designer so how come you would know the features? This is the reason why you are here on this page.

Let’s discuss the features, without this your website is not less than the worst. So you must know them

We have to write features website features because we want you to know how to do these features work, We explained our website plans with these features, here you find the definition of all the elements that we include.

In case you know all of them & directly if you want to see our website pricing then you can directly go to this page click here.

These website features are as follows

No. of Pages

Pages are the basic elements of your website. The more pages you design, the more you inform search engines about you. This is also good to know, you must not write meaningless on your website to get more pages. While designing a website we do not prefer it. We prepare a plan for you & then you tell us this plan is right or wrong, you select no. of pages, your website type & designing goes on.

Contact Form

We include this feature because this is the first most important tool every website must have. When we design a website our effort is to keep this on the page so that a buyer can come & put his information. A contact form is placed on your website to capture your visitor information, it is actually a marketing tool. Your website must have it. Don’t confuse website visitors with your unnecessary forms. Ask your digital marketer where t put it on the website. Depend on the niche of a website the strategy is changed so forms too.

Fav Icon

You always use a browser to visit the website, did you see it carefully? when you open a website, it opens in a TAB. every website has an icon image on the tab. this is called favicon. How fav icons are important, you will get to know this from here.

We can include this into your website proposal so that search engines & your website visitor can keep reminding you for a long time.

IT stuff: What is a Favicon? Where can I get it? How add favicon to my site?

Responsive Website Design

We are website designers. Mostly our websites are business websites, more than 50% of traffic comes from devices other than desktops so we keep this feature in line with your website. Website design takes different shapes on different devices like mobile, desktops, medium screen phones. if you think, a responsive website is the same on all devices then you are incorrect. These websites are intelligent to take a shape that suits that device.

Content Editing Panel

CMS is called a content management system, it’s a dynamic panel that allows you to add/remove/edit your content on your website. You can get your own panel in PHP & other popular languages. All fixes the same purpose – to add/remove/edit your content. It’s important for regular content updates & if you are planning for SEO or complete digital marketing then this panel is a must because you have to make & experiment with hell lot of changes every day.

Animated Sliders

We have seen animation increases engagement with your website. You must be careful because they are situated at top of the home page, & they are a critical loading element in your website. They increase the load time too.

Social Media integration in your website

We define it as adding social media page links to your website, popular social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn. There are many other media websites that are social too like & There is some video hosting website too, but because people can comment on the video publically so these also fall in the social media website category.

Social Share

Share on social media is a handy tool for your website. You don’t share other’s posts but it doesn’t matter because in internet culture this is a very popular way. People share your page links with other people. This brings tons of traffic to your website. Why others? sometimes you yourself want to market your content on social platforms then if this feature is not on your website you can’t share it. In this situation, you have to copy the whole content from your website & put a link again on your social media page. Why not make it handy.

If you did not opt for this then it’s high time to ask for social share buttons on your posts. In the reference, we bring an example of a website that is from small-town, website owner doesn’t know why this website is giving him customers from other cities but the secret is – the social share button because people are sharing products on social media. It happens to everyone who has interesting content on his website.

Technical Maintenance

To avoid confusion we have to write this point in the feature section of our website. Sometimes people think technical update means you can ask a web designer to add content & create new pages for you. However, being clear! the technical maintenance is backend work, every month there are scripts & other elements that need maintenance from time to time. Sometimes it is a direct website backend work & mostly it’s server & hosting related. Without this, your website cant work properly for a long time. Content updation is completely another separate part of the service. Server, emails, scripts, codes are part of your website’s technical maintenance.

Blogging Feature

Blogging makes your website social-friendly. When you do Facebook then you are blogging, it’s an example of a microblogging website. Where you post every day, people reach to your post & give reactions. In terms of your website’s blogging feature, this gives you the ability to add posts. Each post has a page, generally! again we repeat the formula, more pages mean more traffic but be careful, no meaningless content.


This is neither a feature nor a service actually. This is definitely a product. This is the security of your website visitor. Don’t get confused this is not for your website’s security. Let’s say when a visitor puts some card details, this goes to the server. This is the security between your website & the server’s data transmission. Hackers can’t hack these personal details this way.

Additionally, this is the point of your website reputation, perhaps you don’t want your website to show Not Secure.

See here what happens when your website doesn’t have an SSL

Google Strikes Again! Is Your Website Secure Enough to Survive? - Red Box Pay Monthly WebsitesSSL (HTTPS): How to Secure Your Site, and Why - Press Up


In order to secure your website & speed it up, this is another technique. When one server serves a website data, it has a capacity so it can get slow sometimes. In the case of CDN, your data gets downloaded from a no. of servers. This is like a math question- One man can do work in 10 hours, then 20 men can do this quite in less time, CDN works similarly.

Email IDs

You know what is email ID. For example, you are using emails like [email protected] or, etc. & These are the websites you have an account with. We are not talking about these free IDs. We are talking about Professional Email IDs.

For example, your website name is then your email will be [email protected] where is your domain name & anything can be replaced with whatever you want, when I am writing this Gmail also provides an email ID which costs around 1200 INR/user roughly.

If the website designer is giving you a professional email ID then this is worth it.

Social Media Blog Autoshare

You write some content on your website & it goes everywhere you connect your website, like Facebook, etc. All automatic.

Basic Content Creation

With help of the client, we create content. We need raw data & we write it according to search engine policies.

SEO Ready Designing

This means the website is SEO-ready, it’s ready to be promoted. But this is not on-page optimized as on-page optimization is a major part of SEO, we do it for our SEO clients only who take our SEO package. Many tools are involved to do it, & this is a continuous process. SEO ready means the website is just ready & this is a type of website that can be optimized for digital marketing later.

Push Notifications

A sudden notification comes when you turn your PC on. When it connects to the internet, a strange popup starts coming. It may happen to you if you do not know when you opted for these notifications. You have seen a message on some websites “This website wants to send you notifications” if you click ok the button allowing it. Then your computer will start showing content notifications when it connects to the internet.

How to Enable Desktop Notifications for Gmail in ChromeAnnoying news pop up notification in lower right corner of screen 2019 - YouTube

The benefit is your website visitors will get notified, & in your touch. They will not forget you because every day they can see notifications on their computer.

Monthly Traffic Analysis Reports

Website traffic analysis report is important because it tells you visitor’s city, age, gender, when they visit if their visit is a repeat visit, which product they are interested in & which is the exit page, etc. For example, if you know the city then you can start marketing focusing on this city. Because now you know what is the market demand. Your future marketing strategies & ads may depend on it.

Monthly Search Engine Trackdown

The errors, why search engines are not indexing your page, you can be aware of what changes you need to make according to this report.

Monthly Keyword Position Reports

What are your ranked keyword & their position, who linked your website & where, etc?

Linkedin Automatic post

Automatically posts on LinkedIn

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