Website designing fonts are amazing, they make your website beautiful & readable. Selecting the wrong font can dump your chances down.

Have you wondered what impact a font has on its reader?

In the context of Website designing fonts, the font idea for a website we use can make or break anything. We must be very choosy about the font style.

The right choice of font style can give our website a lot of advantages. The fonts used in the website design should make the designed website more clear, beautiful & readable.

An easy-to-understand website can do a lot in business. If you have chosen the wrong font it can destroy the interest of your website visitors.

What would happen in this case, if they leave your page without reading? of course, the following effects may happen.

  • Increased bounce rate
  • Decreasing CTR for revisitors
  • Pogo stuck from your website
  • Visitors can jump back to search results

If you have a sound knowledge of using fonts, it will impact the success of your website. because of

  • Good font readability on your website
  • Fast-loading fonts, render fast on targeted devices
  • Good fonts can make the buyer’s experience great

What is the context of font 2022?

Very importantly, We are in August 2022. A new Google algorithm has been introduced – Google’s new helpful content update.

We are sure if your website’s primary goal is to increase your visibility then you have to include it in the list. Many websites are going to be penalized by Google after this release. if you haven’t read our article on this then you must read it.

Website designing fonts need to be special as they add some good value to your website for a better user experience.

10 Unique ideas to select the best font for website designing.

1. Heading fonts in your website can increase visibility & readability, ask the developer to use them properly

What are heading fonts? These fonts are nothing but a proper way of presentation in the context of web designing, you can ask a web designer to use heading fonts properly. There are 6 heading fonts: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, where H1 is the biggest & H6 is the smallest heading font.

When we write a post on the website we use the heading font to impress visitors with great readability. From an SEO point of view, I don’t think there is much. But of course, it can generate some positive or negative site ranking signals.

Website designing fonts

Our point is Heading fonts deliver better readability factors. Better readability means that if your content is strong, people will not leave your website without reading it.

It can give you a low bounce rate, & can make your website rank higher. On Google’s official blog bounce rate is explained well

The best way to use these heading websites designing fonts is –

  • The biggest font comes first, then the smaller one at last.
  • Make it nested. The smallest heading font must be inside the covering paragraph for example – Primary page heading H1 (it has the biggest font), then H2, under this H2 heading font you can either place H3 or a description then again another H2 as a sub-topic under this H2 heading you can place another H3 or a paragraph. See image

Website designing fonts

2. Text should be visible

  • Do you know which fonts are useless to determine if this minimizes your font size to 12 pt? If you are able to see your font that would be good. If your font is not visible even at 12 then simply don’t use it.
  • If you want to find a better font from the best, then keep minimizing it till 9pt. Normal fonts are visible at a minimum 12 pts, great fonts can be visible at 9 pt, and super fonts are extraordinary even at 6 pts you can read the text.

The font size used should neither be too large nor too small. You can try different sizes to determine the best font for you.

3. The font should be the same on the whole website

Consistency is a major factor in building trust in the eyes of the visitors. So, keep in mind that you should be using the same font throughout the website.

  • Heading fonts at the same size
  • Paragraph through out the whole website should be in the same font size and color, exceptions are available only if you want to highlight something. Remember dont change Font fmily in your website font in any case except for some undefined situations.

4. Use font color for special purposes

If you want to give weightage to some text or number from the whole paragraph. You can use the colors to highlight. Keep font color light if you don’t have any offers. But, when you have something special to offer, you can use vibrant colors in the font.

5. Usage of “Google Font

Launched in 2010, Google Font is a font embedding service that includes a library of more than a thousand free and open-source font families. You can use and choose fonts from a variety of fonts there.

Google fonts are great for managing the load time of your website  & they can enhance the website visitor page experience.

Let’s say you are using a font that is not a Google font on your website. When your end-user opens the website on his Android device, the website sends text & font information to the mobile device. As in this example, this is not a Google font so mobile has to render it into available fonts on the device.

This font-to-font conversion takes time. The solution is that we should use Google fonts so that they can load on mobile faster. If it loads faster your website becomes faster on mobile which is helpful in SEO.

6. Find categories for your fonts

Every industry uses some particularly dedicated fonts. We are specifically talking about website fonts so we keep sticking to our goal to give you information on it.

Sports industry fonts, Premium product fonts, Magazine fonts, and Artistic fonts for the art industry are some important industries where you can get the idea. Sports fonts are comparatively thick, they are bold & aggressive, and premium products like watches (Rado’s & Rolex’s) websites use them.

The thin font, magazines use Calibri & other industry-specific fonts, when you see the websites of the event management company what type of fonts do you see? Of course, artistic fonts.

7. Fonts are not just text, they are some feelings on websites

Fonts store expressions, they have feelings. The industry you belong to has some expressions. To deliver the right expression to your website visitor you need to choose the font carefully. This is the main focus of modern graphic design today.

Do you know why we remember some commercials on TV or some websites or some image creative? You can call this branding. You should think about where this branding factor comes from, this branding is there because popular brands care feeling factor more than any other factor.

To maintain this, fonts are the best medium. If you want to brand then think about this.

8. Here are some popular Google fonts list

The goal of the article was not to give you some font names, but the following names will help you to understand what we are saying, and how Google fonts are awesome.

  • Roboto Google font
  • Open Sans Google font
  • Lato Google font
  • Oswald Google font
  • Raleway Google font

9. Here are some popular serif font list

  • Caslon
  • Garamond
  • Freight text
  • Platin
  • Ogg

10. Lastly, some popular script font list

  • Alex Brush
  • Pacifico
  • Great Vibes
  • Lobster
  • Allura


Now that you have read our font ideas for a website,  it is clear that the right usage of fonts is undoubtedly important. So, these things should be considered when working on website text.

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