How to promote a YouTube channel

These days, YouTube has promoted influencer marketing quite a bit. Everyone wants to become an influencer, and their main goal is to earn money easily. YouTube has become popular among teenagers and some adults from a short-term money-making perspective. The reason for this is said to be having some knowledge, as having some knowledge is much safer than not having knowledge at all.

Most of these people do not succeed in creating a YouTube channel. Perhaps, all of you may know people around you who have created their YouTube channels but couldn’t promote them. So if you want to get started, this article is for you, as it will help you benefit from our deep marketing research. Let’s get started.

what is a marketing influencer

The correct way to succeed on YouTube.

YouTube channels face the most common problems, such as not being able to reach their audience, not increasing their subscribers, gradually increasing their voice time, and losing their existing subscribers; these are their basic issues.

Understanding this requires proper marketing research because creating a YouTube channel is not as easy as it used to be 10 years ago when there was no competition.

First of all, you should understand the responsible factors behind this – we believe that the mentality of YouTube content creators is largely responsible for this. They do not create content that has any value or benefits their subscribers; they think they are doing this work for free. But it’s important to understand that every user who watches your video is giving you their time, and that’s what you need.

what is a marketing influencer

So, there is a need to change the mentality here. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a significant difference between No value content and true value content. No value content is completely junk content in which some different promotional ideas are applied, but we are not talking about cringe content here. We are talking about content creators who are trying to create good content, but their content is not ranking because they are not providing true value in their content.

The purpose of true value content or helpful content is to directly benefit your viewers, rather than making your viewers feel that they have seen your content but received low-quality content. To understand what true value content is, consider this example: if I talk about a discount, true value content would be me directly offering a 20% discount to you, and its value is X. But if I tell the viewer that if they watch all my YouTube channels, their name might appear in next year’s lottery, that’s a false promise. Most people will realize that they are wasting their time on this.

If you want to promote your YouTube channel, you have to give the true value of time. Real views directly impact YouTube’s algorithm, so be honest with your viewers. Taking a wrong approach is a different kind of creator mentality. Most people think that they should create content on YouTube because they will earn money from it, or they will gain popularity on YouTube by uploading videos, which is entirely wrong.

People should create content because they know what to create, and they present their content in the best way possible so that viewers genuinely watch their content instead of ignoring it. Techniques like clickbait might work for a while, but over time, people realize that the creator is dishonest. Viewers understand that when they click on a video, they won’t get what they want, so they leave your channel. This is basic human nature, and there is no science or marketing behind it. The key is to “stay away from greed” and do ethical work.

what is a marketing influencer

Creators want everything very quickly, and this is another mistake that causes problems – YouTube creators who cannot maintain frequency. Frequency means skipping. It also affects if you are posting videos on a schedule on YouTube. You might think, YouTube is free, what does it want from you? YouTube is a content-hungry monster. It wants content and it wants it on time too. Without frequency, YouTube’s reaction is to bring down your reach, as if it didn’t like what you had to say.

The next issue is related to fact-checking. Creators often do not fact-check and post anything on their channel without any consideration. When you post your video without fact-checking, it may get views once, but it won’t last forever. Video viewers will soon lose trust in your videos and unsubscribe from your channel. This is a big reason because they don’t trust it. So, pay attention to right and wrong, and also to people’s feelings. Share content that doesn’t hurt anyone or make people hate your channel.

See, today, YouTube has become the center point for YouTube SEO. Most creators who were bloggers before have now become creators on YouTube and provide a lot of knowledge. These SEOs know that people will listen to them. It’s worth noting that in terms of search, YouTube is ahead of Google in many cases.

what is a marketing influencer

People nowadays want to watch live content, although when they search for a service or product they need, they do not search on YouTube but rather on Google.

If you are the owner of a brand and you are building an audience through your videos, this is an excellent way to directly connect people with your brand.

You can also direct your audience to search engines or websites. You can explain the meaning of right and wrong, and spread information about your content.

With increased awareness, your product becomes a brand one day, and defeating a brand is not easy for competitors.

So focus on branding, pay more attention to spreading awareness than selling. Speaking of YouTube, you can create good branding through it. Provide true value to your audience because what they have given you cannot be priced, and that thing is their precious time


  • Do not create content that appears to be an ad when it is not; provide real value to people.
  • Patience, it takes time to succeed on YouTube.
  • Create content with authenticity and quality to build trust with viewers.
  • Pay attention to SEO, as YouTube emphasizes it.
  • Work on branding, which gives your product a big identity

These were some tips that you can use to promote your YouTube channel. Remember that success on YouTube takes time and requires dedication and hard work.

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