AI will eat people job’s ?

There is growing concern about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on job security. Many experts predict that Will AI Replace Your Job? as it can perform tasks more efficiently and accurately than humans. This technological advancement has already affected many industries such as manufacturing, retail, and transportation. For example, self-driving cars have replaced human drivers on many occasions, and automated machines have replaced manual labor in factories.

These are some example jobs that can end after the arrival of AI.

  • Graphic designer after AI.

Graphic design is such a job that is the very diamond, people are doing courses in graphic designing, but in recent times AI tools have come which can make you an image of your choice by writing a prompt. After the introduction of Midjourney and Dream Studio AI for example in seconds, the need for graphic designers has reduced.

  • Website Designing After AI.

Website designing is a very responsible job and every businessman has a dream to have a good website for which they go to a website designing company or freelancer who can make their website but you have a good budget for a good website. But After the arrival of chatgpt open AI on the phone, this requirement of website designers has been reduced because you can get your website code generated from them. And you can make a good website of yours, but this causes a loss of website designers who pay for doing this course.

There is many jobs we can’t cover in one article. You can watch the Rich Man Elon Musk interview about AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a wide range of benefits and positive impacts across various sectors.

Will AI Replace Your Job? It’s crucial to recognize that AI may both eliminate and provide employment opportunities. New career opportunities are opening up as a result of the rapid growth of AI technology. Professionals skilled in creating, enhancing, and sustaining AI systems are in high demand. In addition, new occupations, such as data analysts, machine learning engineers, and AI ethicists, have emerged as a direct result of the widespread adoption and implementation of AI across several sectors.

 Will AI Replace Your Job?

Will AI Replace Your Job? No, AI can’t replace all jobs because AI is a machine they don’t think like humans.

Here is some benefit of AI

1) Fast Decision Making

Human beings are full of emotions and this is the reason why sometimes decisions made by them can affect or decrease the growth of businesses and organizations. But, on the other hand, Ai is emotionless and can make out decisions with skills and practical applications with high accuracy on the basis of targeted points.

2) Perform Repetitive Tasks

On a regular basis, we have to check the documents and verify them, mail the thank you note to the potential customer, and increase the audience size to increase the profits and revenue by mailing new content to new audiences. Now, AI can automate your repetitive tasks for effective and more efficiency in those repetitive tasks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the popular tools used by professionals and creators to automate their work.

3) 24*7 Availability

Various books and writers show the fact that human beings can actively work for 3 to 5 hours a day and they need a break after some working hours to balance their mental health and personal life. But Ai can work for repetitively 24 hours with full of accuracy without any energy loss. AI thinks much faster than human beings.

4) Digital Assistant

Digital assistants are used by advanced organizations and businesses by neglecting the human staff. Now AI can be used as a digital assistant for solving the queries asked by users. We can see that, advanced websites used chatbox assistants as customer services, and we will not be able to figure out whether, is there a human being or a robotics technology whom we are chatting with.

5) Solve Complexive Situations

It is much more accurate and faster than a human being whether it’s a complex problem or an easy one, it can solve both with more accuracy and algorithmic applications. On the other side, human beings can think or be depressed while solving a problem that seems difficult and complicated to solve.


while it is true that AI will eat people’s jobs in some industries, it is also true that it will create new opportunities in others. As technology advances, individuals must adapt and acquire new skills to remain competitive in the job market. Rather than being fearful of the future, we need to embrace the change and prepare ourselves for the opportunities that arise.

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