WordPress Security: It’s not easy to break, but for those who even used it in their websites

It’s about WordPress and security. I see confused people, & people who confuse others as if they are WordPress owners, of-course WordPress is secured…how a billion-dollar company can be an insecure company? Apart from this, the website of Narendra Modi and White Horse is also on WordPress,

WordPress security is in such a way that you build a house and if you forget to lock it, it will be stolen, you know how to build a house but don’t want to lock it. Your website is not secure, no matter what technology it is built on, it is not necessarily WordPress, it is the lock that secures it.

There are some plugins for the security of the WordPress website and these plugins not only have to be installed but also configured well, it takes a lot of experience and if you are your developer so experienced that he can manage the security So that website is completely secure, hackers cannot hack it easily.

it is not only about WordPress, every website can be hacked if you did not put it in it, the lock means security.


If a person earns 20000INR monthly & passes the judgment about a billion-dollar company that has billions of users with it, I fairly say.. Do your homework dude! WordPress & security are two complementary terms, It’s like WordPress has a security lock,

it gives you the key, it asks you to lock the door, but if your website designer doesn’t know how to lock the door then what would happen? some thief will enter, then exit will all your money.

If you know the file system in WordPress & you know how to give privacy & permissions then you are safe. Otherwise nothing is safe in the world. So if you still think WordPress is unsafe then wear a helmet, god forbid a meteor falls on your head.

WordPress is popular across the web with more than 50 million users. It is free web software that has a more popular CMS. While going through the success story.

It’s an engrossing notation that CMS takes up more than 20% of websites around the world. It helps users to create, manage, update, and organize their website and blog by using a no. of tools.

Why WordPress and security is easy concept for big brands

If we talk about brands, all popular ones use WordPress. The reasons are many.


WordPress is easy-to-build. There is no need to run and learn complex coding. It is totally convenient to change the layout and content. A dashboard of WordPress is easily used by anyone.

working on wordpress


WordPress is an open-source network. You can connect to your own server. It is purely free. You can download, use, and extend it.

Work perfectly for SEO

WordPress works perfectly for SEO. Permalink structure, the option of making your URL keyword-rich makes SEO rich. It has proper HTML markup. CMS produces optimized images. It controls your title tags more with this.

wordpress and seo
update wordpress

Easy updating and accessibility

WordPress is super easy to update. It can easily access across all platforms. It uses a free licenses server which means you can install it conveniently.

Innovative, speed, and efficiency

Its innovation makes WordPress so stable in catering to such a vast audience. It takes 5-minutes for installation. All your pictures and content update within a minute.



Many people are confused about the security of WordPress. They think the site design by WordPress can be hack easily. But, the truth is far behind that you have to install the security plugins at the time of creating the site.

What is the purpose of hacking the site?

The purpose of hacking the site is none other than a financial requirement. Hackers hack the site and create the email on your domain so they can create a site on another company that made their profit.

Attempts to breach digital devices, including computers, cellphones, tablets, and even entire networks, are referred to as hacking.

Another reason is that hackers hack your site to redirect their site to your page. Users open your site but, can’t access your site which made your loss.

To understand the security of WordPress read the below blog:

Security team

The WordPress security team is made up of approx. 50 experts including lead developers and security researchers. No. of workers work in the web security field. It collab with other security teams to address issues in common dependencies. Hence we do not need to worry about it.

what about the security of wordpress?
WordPress security

Risk, process, and history

WordPress believes in responsible disclosure by alerting the security team. So, the team communicates among itself via private stack channel and works on walled-off private track.

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