Social media optimization (SMO) to promote the product’s message online is a digital tool for us to raise awareness. The use of social media optimization works to increase awareness of new products or services of any company and to become more and more aware of their service. With which you stay connected with your users.

SMO Services create interactive and engaging posts for your products or services. We also do online social media campaigns and keep our eyes regularly on insights. Also, you can customize your SMO Services pack with SMM Services.


We specialize in providing premium Facebook marketing services tailored to your company’s requirements. Our SMO specialists have a lot of expertise in building Facebook pages, growing followers and likes, posting in groups and growing likes in group pages, producing engaging material, and connecting with your target market.


Among the younger demographic, Instagram is one of the most used social networking sites for posting images and videos. It greatly aids in effective business promotion and sales growth. We provide Instagram marketing services like account creation, daily posting, and follower growth according to your requirements. To give you 100% good outcomes, our social media marketing experts will provide you with the proper guidance.


When compared to other channels, YouTube is one of the search engines that people use the most. In accordance with the needs of your company, we provide YouTube marketing services, such as setting up YouTube channels, posting videos, and boosting views, likes, comments, and subscribers. Our YouTube professionals have in-depth knowledge to properly advise you on how to promote your business videos.

Social Media Optimization package


20,000 INR/250 USDMonthly
  • ✔️ Setting Goals
  • ✔️ Account Management – 2 (FB & IG)
  • ✔️ Hashtag Research
  • ✔️ Content Strategy Creation
  • ✖️Facebook Management
  • ✔️ Page Creation
  • ✔️ Facebook Cover And Profile Pic Creation
  • ✔️ Page Optimization
  • ✔️ Posting Per Week – 3
  • ✖️ Facebook Story Creation
  • ✖️ Post Sharing In Groups
  • ✖️ Video Posting(Provide By Client)
  • ✖️ Page Monitoring
  • ✖️ Facebook Tabs Creation
  • ✖️ Call To Action Button Creation
  • ✖️ Influencer Research
  • ✖️ Creation Of Facebook Polls/ Quizs
  • ✖️ Responding To Comments
  • ✔️ Page Monitoring
  • ✖️ Competitor Analysis
  • Instagram Management
  • ✔️ Page Creation
  • ✔️ Page Optimization
  • ✔️ Posting Per Week – 3
  • ✔️ Engagement Strategy
  • ✖️ Instagram Stories Creation
  • ✖️ Competitors Analysis
  • ✖️ Responding to comment
  • ✖️ Link With Facebook Page
  • ✔️ IGTV Upload( Video provided by Client)
  • ✖️ Outreach With Influencers
  • ✖️ Image Tagging
  • ✔️ Instagram Analytics Monitoring
  • LinkedIn Management
  • ✔️ Profile Creation
  • ✔️ Profile Pic & Cover Pic Creation
  • ✔️ Profile Optimization
  • ✔️ Company Page Creation
  • Competitors Analysis
  • ✔️ Video Posting (Provide By Client)
  • ✔️ Posting Per Week – 3
  • ✖️ Creation Of Showcase Page
  • ✖️ Invite Connection To Like Your Page
  • ✖️ Responding To Comments
  • ✖️ Relevant Group Joining
  • ✖️ Sharing In Groups
  • Youtube Management
  • ✔️ Channel Creation
  • ✔️ Channel Pic & Cover Pic Creation
  • ✔️ Video Optimization(Video Provided By Client) – 1
  • ✔️ Thumbnail Creation
  • ✔️ Keyword Research
  • ✖️ Youtube Status Posting
  • ✖️ Comment Moderation
  • ✔️ End Screen Cards Creation
  • ✔️ Information Cards Creation
  • ✔️ Video Tags Creation
  • ✖️ Playlist Creation
  • ✖️ Video Creation
  • ✖️ Youtube Analytics Monitoring
  • ✖️ Competitors Analysis
  • ✖️ Video Backlinks
  • Twitter Management
  • ✔️ Profile Creation
  • ✔️ Profile & Background Picture Creation
  • ✔️ Tweet Per Week – 3
  • ✖️ Retweets
  • ✖️ List Creation
  • ✖️ Active In Trending Hashtag
  • ✖️ Creation Of Poll
  • ✖️ Following Industry Related People
  • ✖️ Creation Of Moments
  • ✖️ Twitter Analytics Monitoring
  • ✔️Pinterest Management
  • ✔️ Profile Creation
  • ✔️ Board Creation – 2
  • ✔️ Content Creation
  • ✔️ Posting Per Week – 3
  • ✖️ Business Account Creation
  • ✖️ Monthly Visitors Analysis
  • ✖️ Follow Relevant Account And Boards
  • ✖️ Inviting Relevant Pinners On Board


25,000 INR/300 USDMonthly
  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2


40,000 INR/500 USDMonthly
  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2

Key outcome

Come with me on social media optimization understands (SMO)

The business of digital marketing continues to grow in the past several years. In which the main goal of social media optimization is to drive traffic to the website and increase awareness about your products and services. Which shows our page on the SERP page. Its main focus is Google and web search engines like Bing, and Yahoo.

SMO Services uses techniques such as brand strengthening and increasing awareness and lead generation. This attracts customers in an impressive manner. Which includes social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Social media optimization takes the customer to its core. For example, information about a product has been disclosed by a company on social media. Customers can view all those product information. How is the product, how much is it, how is the quality of the product, from where it will be available, for how much etc.

Strategies for Social Media Optimization

Some companies use social media optimization to help their products and services reach their customers on multiple platforms at the same time. For which fellow tools also use them.

Q&A related to SMO

Q1. Is SMO a one-time effort, or should it be an ongoing strategy?
SMO is a continuous process. It is very important to maintain consistency in your SMO, which can help you create a good social media presence.

Q2. How can I keep up with the latest trends in SMO?
Stay updated by following industries and join webinars and subscribe to newsletters related to social media marketing. And you should also follow others in your field so that you can know how your competitors are ranking and you can follow those techniques.

Q3. How do I measure the success of my SMO efforts?
There are many tools to measure SMO such as Sprout Social, HubSpot, IZEA, BuzzSumo.

Q4. How can I increase engagement on social media?
We should remain engaged with our audience. And always respond to your comments. We should always try that whenever we make a video, its content should be shareable. And you should try to run a contest and do answer questions so that our audience does not get bored.

Q5. Which social media platforms should I focus on for SMO?
Our platform should be selected based on the target audience. Some common platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube. Therefore, we should choose that platform on which we have more audience.