Affordable YouTube paid ads For Small Businesses

Elevate your brand with our comprehensive YouTube paid ads services. We craft intuitive interfaces, conduct usability testing, and prioritize accessibility to create exceptional digital experiences that engage and satisfy users’

Our YouTube paid ads Services Will Help You To Get

  • Making Money Through Earning

  • More subscribers on YouTube

  • More views of the video

  • More Participation

  • Improved Branding

  • Public Trust

YouTube Ads Cost in India

Ad FormatAverage Cost
Skippable Pre-roll Ads₹0.82 – ₹2.47 per view (CPV)
Skippable Mid-roll Ads₹0.75 – ₹2.25 per view (CPV)
Non-skippable Bumper Ads₹8.33 – ₹20.82 per thousand impressions (CPM)
Display Ads₹0.20 – ₹1.00 per click (CPC)

Why Invest In YouTube Paid Ads In India?

youtube paid ads

India boasts a huge and ever-growing internet user base, which is estimated to have more than 900 million users by 2025. Among digital platforms, YouTube shines as India’s top video streaming hub with 500 million active users. What’s even more interesting is how active Indian users are – they spend an average of 44 minutes per day on the platform, more than double the global norm.

This presents an incredible opportunity for businesses that want to connect with their target audience. Youtube Ads Cost targeting tools are precise, allowing you to tap into demographics, interests, and even specific search keywords. Plus, the cost-effectiveness of Youtube Ads Cost compared to other online advertising options makes it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Whether you want to increase brand recognition, increase web traffic, generate leads, or increase sales, YouTube advertising in India could be the winning ticket to achieving your marketing goals.

Our YouTube paid ads Services Include

YouTube ad campaign setup
We will assist you in selecting your Youtube Ads Cost, ad objectives, target demographic, budget, and schedule.

YouTube ad creation
We can produce for you engaging YouTube ads that are appropriate to your target audience and advertising goals.

YouTube ad management

We’ll take care of managing your YouTube ad campaign, which includes keeping an eye on your spending and results and adjusting as necessary.

YouTube ad reporting

In order for you to evaluate what is and is not working with your campaign, we will give you thorough reports on how it performed.

Why Cybertooth India as Your Youtube Paid Ads Company In India?

if you’re looking for a digital marketing company to handle your YouTube, Cybertooth India offers the best YouTube services at competitive prices, but why work with us? Find the following statements as the solution here.

  • Experience:  In the YouTube paid ads industry, Cybertooth India has more than 10 years of expertise.
  • Team members:  Our  YouTube paid ads team is made up of highly qualified individuals.
  • For marketing attitude: We are marketers first and foremost, which allows us to apply our YouTube paid ads expertise for website  YouTube paid ads activities because “being digital” gives us this advantage.
  • Premium tools: For your marketing, we employ top-notch equipment, which improves job accuracy.
  • For our SEO goals: Our  YouTube paid ads objectives are people- and world-centered. Our specialists are doing their small part to improve the world by using their expertise in  YouTube paid ads.
  • For our ranking: For your business, you need the greatest YouTube paid ads companies; for instance, search for “website designing price in India,” which is where we are.
  • Flexible  YouTube paid ads packages in India: We provide three SEO packages at the most affordable prices for Indian businesses, after discounts.