Social Media Marketing Price

Here you would know the social media marketing price, we include Facebook marketing, instagram & twitter marketing in it. The most attractive part that we believe in is the power of tumblr & pinterest. The most exclusive method of targeting the right audience a small budget. Social media marketing made publicity so simple & cost-effective. When you make an internet profile then this can really shape your business in a way where you get the best ROI & Online reputation. Like in a normal physical business where you need to create your strong profile so that you can get results from social media marketing afterward.

Facebook Marketing Pricing

Facebook + Instagram Marketing500 rs per post (Graphics included) + Tax
Paid ad Handling = 1000 per ad + Tax

Facebook Marketing Pricing

Facebook & Instagram Marketing Price
Facebook + Instagram Marketing = 500 rs per post (Graphics included) + Tax | Paid ad Handling = 1000 per ad + Tax

Youtube Marketing Pricing

Youtube Marketing Price
Organic Youtube Marketing = 3000 rs per video + Tax
* No video making & No video editing | We just do technical SEO of Video | SEO handling duration 1 month.