Why the best responsive website designing company is important?

Responsive websites are the future as well as the present of website design. When there was no responsive website and two versions of the website had to be created, nowadays due to the increasing need, the website becomes responsive only. Its importance is also because nowadays people use different types of devices and due to different screen resolutions, the website not appearing properly can be a big problem. Creating a responsive website is one solution to the problem. That’s why it’s so important.

Any best Responsive Website design company is a company that creates intelligent websites for devices like Desktops, Mobile, and tabs.

We understand the importance of responsive website design in India where people are obsessed with mobile devices, and a lot of brands make this requirement crucial.  So, as an SEO company, we know the significance of a well-designed mobile-friendly website. Choose us for a competitive edge with a responsive, SEO-optimized website.

Example of different devices – Desktop, Tabs, & Mobile




How to make responsive website designs for customers

You should know for which resolutions are on priority.  According to this website Here are some of the most common screen resolutions:

  • Desktop: 1920×1080, 1366×768, 1280×1024, 1024×768
  • Mobile: 375×667, 414×736, 360×800, 390×844
  • Tablet: 768×1024, 1024×768, 601×962

When making a website, the website follows the priority. so we test designs on all. See there is a user percentage that is using each resolution. This data comes from the market. The sold device data can tell us which resolutions are popular

These resolutions are most popular

See with the above 6 resolutions more than 30% of devices get fixed with the responsive problem, this is how we decided to plan website designing. For customers this is very beneficial.

We as designers of websites offer you websites with all the above benefits. Our websites are the best responsive websites designed to make them cost-competitive, and easy to maintain, With SEO benefits that can convert more customers for you.

Our Website Company’s Legal Details

Company NameCybertooth India
Company Establishment Year2007
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Sac No.9983
Office LocationDelhi & Gurgaon
WorkWebsite Designing Company & Digital Marketers

Responsive web design service for marketing that can generate results

Our marketing website becomes responsive so that it can reach more and more customers and if you have purchased this website from us then it is ensured that it reaches the customers on mobile desktop and then more richly, we ensure that the website The presentation should also be good. This website is very capable in providing content to the audience as per their interest. To design these, we have experienced developers who remain updated with the changes in the market and create a website that is perfectly fit for marketing. Our responsive web design approach helps in this.

Company approach to designing

Responsive web design is not a type of design, but an approach. This is an idea that can be incorporated in any type of website. Given below are the types of websites in which we use this approach while designing the website.

  • Informative Websites

  • eCommerce websites

  • Custom Websites

Responsive Website designing price

The price of responsive website designing can vary like the price of responsive web designing for an e-commerce website falls between ₹25000 to ₹1 lakh. The price of an information/ catalog website ranges from Rs 12000 to Rs 22000. Responsive websites have been in trend in India for the last 10 years, but in 2024, this proposition must be present in every website.

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website designing company in Delhi
website designing company in Delhi