Digital Marketing: A New Ray of Hope for Rural India

Even after a decade of digital marketing, the reach of digital marketing has still benefited the villages to some extent. There are still villages in India where computers are a distant thing. However, the results of various efforts made by the government are Now gradually it has started spreading in the villages also. Even today in most of the villages people are unaware of how they can benefit from digital marketing. The Reach of digital marketing in rural areas of India

India is a country full of resources, there is no shortage of talent here, most of the population is still young and has the passion to do something, but digital marketing has been limited to 70 big cities only, although it has affected the villages also, but digital marketing is not possible in the villages. Audience targeting through marketing is more if we compare it with how many businesses in villages today benefit from using digital marketing.

Digital Marketing: A Boon for Rural India, But Challenges Remain

Putting people on their feet has always been a goal of the government, out of which digital marketing can prove to be a very powerful tool. Various home industries in villages can be promoted through digital marketing, but for this, educational qualification should not reach the village. It is very important to reach the stage where digital marketing is currently and skilled people are present only in big cities.

Most of skilled digital marketers also do not want to go to these rural areas because there are no better sources of earning there, whereas big companies have set up camp in big cities. Many multinational companies here hire digital marketers and seek their support in their business.

Digital Marketing: A New Ray of Hope for Rural India

This rural area is the birthplace of many home industries like Lijjat Papad and Khadi Gram Udyog, whose products are popular in foreign countries as well. In foreign countries, various brands like Levise, etc. buy a lot of denim cloth from Khadi Gram Udyog today. This is just an example to explain that if efforts are made then a new ray of hope can come to the villages too.

80 percent of India’s economy resides in villages and the young population works together to achieve a single goal, then they can communicate with the whole world. If billions of people get involved in industries and other works together and start using digital marketing skills, then their lives will be greatly improved.

It is not just about the people themselves, and how much progress they will make, apart from this, it is about how the GDP happiness of the country will increase. Presently, 90% of the production comes from cities to a large extent, it will also come from villages, due to With the income generated, development of country &  towns is possible to a great extent.

Right now we are discussing here the changes in villages brought about by digital marketing, due to which we understand that it is not wise to centralize all the scale scores in just one geographical location. If these skills spread together in small villages across the country and more and more people try to move forward, then collective development of the country is possible in a very short time, but the problem is that new digital marketers are busy finding jobs.

Or to save your business, if you want to expand it to the villages, then a comprehensive plan will be required in which there may be investment but the returns in it are very high. You cannot imagine how much demand there is in the international market for the products made in villages. How much can we export, how much production can we have and we can easily send this production to the international arena because today we are a digital power.

Today, if we compare with other Asian countries like China and the Philippines, then their growth rate of digital marketing gives us very good competition. We still have more possibilities to promote the products of rural locations by using digital marketing skills. The world is small for a digital marketer.

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