If you haven’t used the Sprite SEO technique yet then this article tells the definition & the procedure – Very important after AI updates from search engines.

Sprite SEO technology is a content management technique that gives true value to website visitors. With this technique, the content can be better optimized, which can give better information to the web page reader in a timely manner.

Nowadays, in busy life, someone has more time for useless things, people search for a keyword in Google search and open the results in different tabs.

According to research, there is less reading and scanning-like behavior in such searches. Why a website visitor wants to see the information of his work in a short time.

It is a kind of user-friendliness system that not only saves the time of the reader but also provides accurate information to the visitors on the website in working time.

Sprite technology The term is influenced by a product Sprite of a famous cool drink company Coca-Cola, which had a tag line- सीधी बात, नहीं-बकवास  which means – 


At the time of content writing in Sprite SEO technique (whose main objective is SEO), we can take care of these things.

1- The matter has been said directly
2- Useless things, which have no user value, should be removed from the writing.
3- Whenever writing an article to the point
4- If there is not much to write, then finish the content itself, do not drag it
5- Talk should have guts
6- Sentences are short
7- Paragraphs should be short.
8- There should be a reason for writing each and every word that has been used.
9- Explain the topic completely
10- Write for article users and not for search engines

It is written in Gita (A Hindu Mythology-Philosophical text – “Do your work, don’t wish for the fruit”), and the simple meaning of this philosophy is understandable. The same thing has to be done in SEO – write correctly which benefits people, otherwise, you too will keep waiting for the result. This is the essence of SEO content writing.

Modern AI and Sprite SEO technique relation

Google & all other search engines are paying high attention to their AI products, it seems like a technological war is going on. On one side Bing implemented many changes to their systems & google is working on it too.

According to a reminder tweet from Google search central blog on 16th July 2023, “Write for the user not for search engines”. We take this as a warning to those websites that are not writing in this way. They (Google) are definitely taking some strong steps against not-useful pages written for search engines only.

We already experienced the first step in this chain in 2022 October month when Google introduced Google Helpful Algorithm Update. Now again we are seeing a tweet. This is not the first time, Google has already mentioned it.

Sprite SEO technique is the most modern technology that is fit for AI today.

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